Finding Your Way in OC Research Course Now Online

A nine part online introduction to research is offered through the OC Learning Center. This course is recommended for all new OC field missionaries and is also open to other workers.

Research is foundational to OC’s stated organizational strategy: “Using Research, Motivation and Training we Mobilize the Christian leaders to reach their nations and beyond.” OC believes that the primary outcome of research is to provide a basis for decision making for a team ministry to the church and for carrying out the other three categories of our strategy: motivation, training, and mobilization. Research is intricately and fundamentally interwoven with team ministries on the field and even with individual ministry opportunities.

Course Outline

This course is made up of nine modules, which are:
1. Welcome to Finding Your Way in OC Research

    This module describes the objectives and content of the Finding Your Way in OC Research course.

2. The Practical Value of Research within OC’s Strategy

    This module is an introduction to the importance of Research within OC.

3. The Biblical Basis for Research

    The Bible gives us numerous accounts of God's people doing research and acquiring wisdom and understanding. This module will explore a few of these accounts to learn why doing research is both biblical and wise.

4. Spiritual Warfare and Research

    You can expect spiritual opposition as you begin digging and discovering the Truth through research. How it will manifest may be different, but you will encounter spiritual opposition. The question is how do we fight back? What can we do to protect ourselves and our work?

5. Research as Tool for Developing Effective Ministry

    Every ministry needs research. Without the light of the Truth, our ministries would stumble around the darkness. This module develops the way research can help develop effective ministry.

6. OC Field Research: Methods and Models.

    Some of the best researchers in the world are OC missionaries and all of our missionaries are encouraged to use research in their ministry. Knowing what you need to know, how to obtain that knowledge, and what tool to use are all vital to becoming a good OC researcher.

7. Learning How to Learn in a Cross Cultural Context

    This module is an introduction to some of the learning challenges a cross cultural worker will encounter. Understanding your own learning style and preferences will make the transition more effective.

8. Make Research a Part of Your Personal Learning Plan

    As a cross cultural worker enters a new field, there are many things to learn. This module looks at some of these learning tasks and encourages the worker to integrate research into his or her HART learning plan. Several mini-projects are suggested.

9. Resources for OC Research

    Here are some of the great resources that we use ourselves. It is possible that you will find a resource here that can help you with your mini-research project.

The OC Learning Center

The OC Learning Center is designed to assist and encourage all workers who are being sent out into the harvest. OC personnel can start right away. Those outside of OC can take this course by creating an account. Other relevant courses are also offered. Go to The OC Learning Center to browse course offerings.