Helpful Resources for Developing a Prophetic Message from Research Information

While producing a short instructional video for workers in Asia, it seemed that it would be useful to provide links to resources that have been proven most helpful in developing a “prophetic message” from research information. A “prophetic message” is also known as the national challenge or call to action. Click here to view the video.

These resources are at the top of the list:

  1. DAWN 2000, by Jim Montgomery
  2. The DAWN Research Handbook by Roy Wingerd
  3. The Church Growth Survey Handbook by Bob Waymire and C. Peter Wagner.
  4. The Omega Course by the Alliance for Saturation Church Planting

The Omega Course is a five volume training course for church planters, which includes several lessons about research.

  • Volume 1, Lesson 4, Understanding your Target Area (pages 29-38)
  • Volume 2, Lessons 6, Research Workshop (pages 9-10), and Lesson 7, Mobilizing Resources through Research (pages 11-14)

In addition, this website, provides additional tips and tools to gather and analyze information to develop effective ministry strategies. Browse the "Research Wiki" section.

Finally, the Global Research Team of One Challenge, is available to help you understand the times and know what to do. It is our dream that God would raise up a team of mission information workers in every nation of the world to provide the Body of Christ with accurate, up-to-date information to guide Kingdom Impact on a permanent basis. Perhaps you will be a part of one of these teams. Toward this end, we offer training, consulting, coaching and mentoring. Write us at to explore how we can work together.