How Can I Get Involved in Research?

“People who do global church research in OC, and in missions in general, often back into it,” Stephanie K says. Very few people go into missions thinking that research will be their focus. Many OC researchers started as engineers, teachers, librarians or church planters.

“You don’t have to be this trained mission investigator to think about doing research in OC.” The OC Global Research team recently had two new workers join, one who has some specific experience in market research, the other who has done informal field interviews. Two associates of the Global Research Team come to OC from academic backgrounds and volunteer part of their time assisting with projects where their special skills are an asset.

Stephanie says: “Doing research in OC has more to do with being a curious person and asking good questions than it does with having a specific skill set.” What’s important is to have the attitude of a life-long learner. Database manipulation and mapping skills, for example, can be learned along the way by those who need to use them.