Second Level of Training for Mission Information Workers Now Available for BETA Testing

The first two modules that make up the second level of training for Mission Information Workers are now available for BETA testing. These modules, which address The Purpose for OC Research and The Research Process, are downloadable from this page.

Level 2 of Finding Your Way with OC Research has in view Mission Information Workers, Field Researchers and Team Leaders already involved in field ministry. Mission Information Workers and Field Researchers are included because they are providers of strategic information. Team Leaders are also included in this training because they are users of strategic information and thus need to understand the purpose and process of mission research. As leaders, they also need to encourage the entire ministry team to value, gather and use good information.

The ten modules proposed for the Level 2 training course will cover topics like:

    Module 1: The Purpose for OC Research
    Module 2: The Research Process
    Module 3: Defining the Research Question
    Module 4: Developing the Research Plan
    Module 5: Data Gathering
    Module 6: Basic Data Analysis for Mission Workers
    Module 7: Reporting Research Results
    Module 8: Introduction to Qualitative Research
    Module 9: Developing Effective Ministry Strategies
    Module 10: Evaluating Team Ministry

Even though the Finding You Way with OC Research training is directed toward workers within our company, others may find the training useful.

Level 1 of Finding Your Way with OC Research is for workers who are in the pre-field phase of ministry or their first year on the field. The focus of this training is to prepare field workers with a research mentality as they begin the process of language acquisition, enculturation and ministry development. OC workers will find the eight modules that comprise the Level 1 training at the Online OC Learning Center. If you are outside of our company and wish to take a look at Level 1, send us a message.

Your feedback on these two modules and the proposed curriculum is most welcome.