What training does OC offer in the area of research?

OC offers many different levels of training in the area of research.

  • Because research is foundational to all OC ministry, all field personnel are trained in basic research skills. During CORE internship all personnel are given a basic orientation about OC research.
  • An on-line course for all OC missionaries is available on the OC Learning Center, Finding your way in OC Research. This looks at the importance of research to OC’s strategy, the biblical basis for research and introduces the different types of research a missionary is likely to use on the field. Simple research projects are suggested that a new field worker can do during his or her first year on the field.
  • Periodically the majority of OC field researchers gather for a consultation. We share case studies and best practices, learn what's new, and improve our research skills.
  • The Research Wiki section of this website offers practical instruction on how to do various research tasks.
  • The Resources section of this website offers case studies, field reports and other training documents.
  • OC’s internal website has a research section. Featured there is an extensive research library, issues of Research Link – OC’s Quarterly research bulletin, and an outline for training OC researchers at all levels – Finding your way with OC Research.
  • Mentors are available to assist personnel with their research questions and projects.