Basic Researcher Skills


Sampling is used in some research projects and it is important to get this critical part of a research project done as well as possible. Some basic concepts of sampling will be covered here.

Essentials for Good Survey Questions

Limit your questions
When creating a survey, resist the temptation to ask every possible questions that comes to mind. The longer the questionnaire, the less likely people will be willing to answer your questions. If a question does not contribute to answering your research question, it is non-essential; strike it from the list. If you have no intention of analyzing and using the information gathered by a question, delete it. Focus just on essential questions.

Evaluate your survey questions

Basic Researcher Skills

A missionary field researcher uses many different skill sets. Some of these skills are more innate; others are learned. Some of skills deal with gathering, processing and analyzing information. Other skills deal with presenting information in a way that motivates others.

Innate skills

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