Articles that have to deal with training researchers

Biblical Basis for Information Gathering

More information about this topic is found in Understanding your City by L & S Kraft, found in the Resource Downloads section under "Training".
A. Census of the people:

Principles of Good Learning

“Learning is the difference between a job done and a job well done.”

The Interview Process

Interviewing is a basic skill that every researcher needs. Interviewing is an effective approach for gathering information needed to write case studies stories, discover the facts and factors about church multiplication and evaluate the effectiveness of our efforts. Here are general guidelines for conducting an interview. A sample interview form for a church planter/pastor is attached at the end of this article.

Prepare for the Interview

Asking Great Questions

This material is adapted from a larger, highly recommended research training course, Breakthrough. See for details.



Here are some useful resources for training.

What skills does a researcher need?

A missionary field researcher uses many different skill sets. Some of these skills are more innate; others are learned. Some of skills deal with gathering, processing and analyzing information. Other skills deal with presenting information in a way that motivates others.

Innate skills


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