Web Sites

OC Field Research Web Sites

Outreach Canada www.outreach.ca
Philippine Challenge www.PhilChal.org
SEPAL Brazil (Portuguese) http://pesquisas.org.br/

Mission Research Publications

Community of Mission Information Workers http://www.globalcmiw.org/
Evangelical Missions Quarterly http://www.emisdirect.com/
International Bulletin of Missionary Research http://www.internationalbulletin.org/
Mission Frontiers http://www.missionfrontiers.org/


CartoMission https://cartomission.com/
Diva GIS (Free mapping software) http://www.diva-gis.org/.
EP3 Church Mapping Software http://e-star.ws
ERSI (Global market leader in GIS) http://www.esri.com/
Map Factory http://www.mapfactory.org/
Map Maker (Free mapping Software) http://www.mapmaker.com/v3/index.htm.

Global Databases

Ethnologue http://www.ethnologue.com/
Joshua Project http://www.JoshuaProject.net
Global Status of Evangelical Christianity (IMB) http://imb.org/globalresearch/downloads.asp
Human Development Index http://hdr.undp.org/en/statistics/
Legatum Prosperity Index http://prosperity.com

How to determine annual users for websites

The OC Global Alliance requests information from each of its teams about the number of annual users for ministry websites. This article explains how to determine the number of annual users for websites by addressing these frequently asked questions:


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