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Developing a Research Plan

This article provides practical guidance for developing a research plan.


  • Why develop a research plan?
  • Asking the right questions
  • Steps to develop a research plan

Why develop a research plan?
There are at least seven reasons why it is prudent to develop a research plan.

Purpose of OC Field Research

It is essential that both practicing field researchers and their teams fully comprehend not only the purpose statement for OC research, but also the manner in which it is interwoven and foundational for team ministry on the fields. It should be recognized that OC research has both internal and external dimensions. Further, there are subdivisions within these two categories. These are the elements peculiar to OC which differentiate it from the research practices of other missions and organizations.

1. General Purpose

Developing a Research Protocol

When a research project involves a partnership between a number of denominations and Christian organizations, it is often helpful to develop a research protocol or partnership agreement. This is a process that involves dialog and seeks to reach a common understanding that answers a large number of questions related to the research project. Here is a list of some of the major questions that a research protocol will seek to answer:


Diagram of Research Function

The attached image illustrates:

  • The different types of research
  • The difference between external and internal research

  • How research contributes to decision making and strategy development

Planning a Direction for Ministry and Research

The attached file illustrates the process for planning a direction for ministry.

The role of Research is highlighted in this process. Research helps to:

  1. Understand the context
  2. Determine needs
  3. Establish SMART goals
  4. Identify current resources
  5. Identify future resources
  6. Identify "fruitful" practices
  7. Evaluate our "fruit"

Church Growth Research

I. Purposes of Church Growth Research
II. Approaches to Church Growth Research
III. Church Growth Research from the Macro to Micro
III. Denominational versus geographical research and strategies
IV.Practical Considerations
V. Resources about Church Growth

I. Purposes of Church Growth Research

Typical Challenges to Field Research

Typical Challenges to Field Research Projects are:

The Researcher in Relation to His Leader

This article will help you see research from “the other side of the desk" through helping you better understand what your leader needs from you as a researcher,

Contributions of Research

Research can make valuable contributions to ministry:

Field Survey Research Process

Here are the tasks involved in a research project. They are listed in sequential order:


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