Finding Fruitful Discipleship Practices

Within OC we champion the idea that “Every ministry needs research.” This study from North Africa shows how partners are using evaluative research to improve their discipleship practices.

Fruitful Discipleship Practices research focuses on programs led by Arabs, especially Muslim background believers, in about ten countries, ranging from those facing great challenges to those leading fruitful discipleship movements. This research seeks to identify fruitful discipleship practices that lead to the successful planting of house churches across the North Africa and the Middle East. Three distinct groups are surveyed: leaders of training programs, leaders of discipleship groups, and disciples, when possible, to evaluate the effectiveness of the training. Surveys were developed in English and translated into Arabic and French. Data is being collected primarily by field workers. The information gathered is either directly entered into web-based surveys when secure internet connections are available or recorded on paper forms for later data entry when a secure link is available. The participating ministries will use the findings of this evaluative research to improve the fruitfulness of the discipleship training component of their church planting ministries.

This study is an example of how any ministry can become more fruitful by using an evaluative process. This is one reason why we say, “Every ministry needs research.” So then, how could evaluative research be used to improve the fruitfulness of ministries that you are involved with?