Field Research

Typical Challenges to Field Research

Typical Challenges to Field Research Projects are:

Contributions of Research

Research can make valuable contributions to ministry:

Field Survey Research Process

Here are the tasks involved in a research project. They are listed in sequential order:

Field Survey Research

Field Survey Research involved going on site to identify the locations of churches. Here you will find information to help research your city, neighborhood or district. You can organize a group in your church, a cell group, a youth group, etc. to do this. Then we will have the data necessary to complete our task of providing an accurate picture of the distribution of the church in the nation, and thus help insure that there will be a church within access of everyone in the nation in this generation.


It is important to communicate strategic information in a way that motivates people to action. Here are some presentations prepared by OC field workers.


The following are examples of reports done by OC researchers.


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