What kinds of research does OC do?

Some of the best field researchers in the world are OC missionaries and all of our missionaries are encouraged to use research or strategic information in their ministries. OC field workers are involved in a diversity of research projects. Some of these projects are formal. Others are informal.
Here are some examples:

  • Identify locations without churches
  • Whole Nation Church Census
  • Unreached People Group profiles
  • Spiritual mapping of a neighborhood
  • Study the growth of a denomination or church
  • Church Health Diagnosis
  • Community profiles
  • Directory of churches
  • Directory of Christian Organizations
  • Directory of Christian Workers
  • Determine the number of missionaries sent by a country
  • Leadership Development Needs and Resources
  • Determine the effect of a coach on the success of a church plant
  • Measure ministry effectiveness
  • Ethnographies
  • Study factors leading to the conversion of a particular religious group
  • Missionary member care survey
  • Community Survey
  • Breakthrough research related to solving a ministry related problem
  • Spirituality among young urban non-evangelical Eastern Europeans
  • Evaluation of specific ministry resources
  • Determine whether or not to open a new field
  • Determine felt needs of a People Group in a specific city